''Workshop of Musical Instruments KLAVIER'' Every keyboardist should own a good harpsichord and a good clavichord, 
to enable him to play all things interchangeably... 

C.P.E.Bach, 1753 
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Clavichord.KLAVIER is the first and only clavichord workshop in Russia. We have made a deep historical and practical study of these remarkable instruments, which has involved a number of trips to Western Europe and collaboration with Western European firms. Our aim is to produce instruments (whether exact copies or modifications) equal to those of the renowned masters on which they are based. Currently these are 18th century German masters. These top-class instruments can be had for a fraction of the W. European price.

     The firm is led by D. G. Belov. After musical training at the Moscow Conservatoire he trained further and worked as organ repairer and conservator of old furniture. He was taught in England at D.H.Bolton. The high standards of craftsmanship and musicianship which he has learnt are now applied to the production of musical instruments: initially clavichords and organs, but later harpsichords will also be offered.

Clavichord. Click to enlarge.     The instruments are solidly constructed and will resist normal climatic changes and transport. They are guaranteed for one year. Various decorative schemes can be carried out according to the clients wishes, for instance, carving, marketry or use of special woods etc. After-sales service and advice is available, geography permitting.

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